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NOAH Junior High Tennis



The sixth tournament of the season is the Oklahoma Tennis Coaches Association Individual Tournament on Thursday, April 18th for the girls and Thursday, April 25th for the boys. This event is being held at two sites. The main site will be the Union Tennis Courts:  7844-7894 S Garnett Rd, Broken Arrow, OK 74012. This includes the courts by the Freshman Academy and the Adult Learning Center. Restrooms are seating are available at the main center, but not the Adult Learning Center. It is recommended to bring folding chairs in case matches as assigned to the back courts (adult learning center). The secondary site will be the Broken Arrow High School Tennis Complex: 1901 E Albany Street, Broken Arrow 74012. Seating is limited and restrooms may or may not be available at this site. 

Coach Hillock will be there all day both days and will travel between the primary and secondary site as best as possible. 

Report time is 8:00am. Players should check-in/report to tournament director at this time. For Warm-Up, players should arrive no later than 7:30am, go out on a court, stretch, and lightly hit all strokes, volleys, serves, and overheads. Do the things to insure that you are on time. It is almost impossible to get a court or warm up if you are late. A good warm up sets the tone for the day. Usually, it is one team per court when warming up. Tournament is an 16-player bracket and players will play between two to five matches. Tournament is an all day event and play usually is finished around 5:00pm, but could extend up to 6:00pm (depending on pace of play and number of matches). In between matches, players should stay off their feet, recoup, save their energy for the next match. Players are required to be at the tournament site all day, until play is completed. 

Players should have plenty of water to last throughout the day for proper hydration, bring a substantial and nutritious lunch, and snacks for the afternoon to keep the energy level up throughout the day. Players (and parents) should bring sunscreen to avoid sunburn and should consider getting in the shade during down time.

Players are to wear uniform throughout the day, but should also bring sweats and/or layers for the morning when the temperature is cooler. Blankets, hats, and sunglasses are also recommended. Families should watch the weather forecast to be properly prepared for the day. 


Only 7th grade, 8th grade, and 9th grade non-varsity HS players are eligible for this tournament. 9th graders who have played HS Varsity events may not be entered. 


#1 Singles - Victoria Seach (Broken Arrow High School Tennis Center)

#2 Singles - Teagan McGill (Union Tennis Center)


#1 Singles - Ruben Hillock

#2 Singles - Hank Bigler

#1 Doubles - Oliver Marsh/Cristian Cuadra


Team pictures have been rescheduled for Monday, May 6th. All players are to be at Tracy Park at 4:30 in uniform for both group and individual pictures. During photo sessions, no playing or any type of physical activity is allowed so that players will look nice for all photos. After all photos are taken, we will have regular practice until 7:00pm. This will be the last practice of the season. Boys participating in the OTCA Elite Tournament should be ready to wear their uniform again the next day at the tournament - so be prepared to do some laundry Monday night after practice. 


The final tournament of the season is the Oklahoma Tennis Coaches Association Elite Team Tournament on Tuesday, May 7th for the boys. (This is the tournament that the boys team qualified for at the Henryetta Tournament). This event is being held at the Union Tennis Courts:  7844-7894 S Garnett Rd, Broken Arrow, OK 74012.


Complete information will be added to the website in late April or early May. 


Only the players that qualified at Henryetta may be entered for this tournament

(so don't get sick or injured - we cannot replace you)

#1 Singles - Ruben Hillock

#2 Singles - Oliver Marsh

#1 Doubles - Dylan Hwang/Jon Scheiper

#2 Doubles - Rylan Butler/Cristian Cuadra




Spring practices are held in the months of February, March, and April. JH practices will begin on Monday, February 5th.

The JH practice schedule for both boys & girls is on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 5-7:00pm at Tracy Park (downtown Tulsa). This practice is for players in 6th - 9th grades. It is important to go to the restroom before practice as there are no restroom facilities on site. 



This year's calendar includes two duals, five tournaments, and team pictures. An end of the year party will be added to the calendar later in the season.

NOAH JH Spring Tennis Team Calendar



Returning Players will need to let their coach know they are returning, fill out the Registration Form, and bring it to the first practice. 

Tryouts for new players will take place the first week (and extended into the second week if necessary) of practice. New players must fill out all registration information prior to tryouts through the NOAH website. New players will only have to pay registration fees if they are accepted into the program.

Here is the link to Register -

Cost for the spring is $125.00 for the first player, $100.00 for the second player, and $75.00 for each additional player. Checks can be made to NOAH Tennis. Fees can be paid with cash as well. At this time, no electronic payment method is available (credit card, venmo, etc.) - sorry.



All students must complete the 2024 Spring Registration Form, the Code of conduct agreement, the Medical Release Form, and a Physical prior to participating in any competitive event. Click below to download each form:

Registration Form

NOAH Code of Conduct Agreement and Medical Release Form

NOAH Physical Form

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