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NOAH Baseball Information


NOAH Baseball develops Christian character in homeschool athletes through teaching the fundamentals of baseball in a competitive program.


To create in every NOAH athlete a lasting legacy that reflects Christ to the world.


We Value​

  • Christ

  • Character Development

  • A Competitive Program

  • Connection Through Community



1. Character and Confidence

We teach our athletes to...

  • prepare well and establish routine.

  • manage adversity.

  • display Christlikeness through respect for teammates, coaches, umpires, parents, and opponents.

  • visualize success.

2. Skills and Performance

We teach our athletes to...

  • be fundamentally sound and consistent.

  • develop a strong hitting foundation.

  • understand hitting approach and situational hitting.

  • develop command on the mound and fearlessly attack hitters.

  • understand and execute rhythm and reads.


We encourage...

  • a competitive mindset.

  • a confident and relentless approach, a "dirtbag" mentality.

  • improving and excelling towards Varsity National Championship.


We facilitate and create...

  • unmatched experiences and great memories through baseball.

  • mental toughness, on and off the field.

  • biblical application, on and off the field.

  • opportunities to play at the next level, i.e. pay for higher education.


NOAH Baseball creates teams at all age levels. The High School and Junior High teams hold player evaluations/tryouts and practices each fall. Players that meet the NOAH homeschool requirements are eligible to play. Each player must be registered and have a copy of his physical before competing. Teams for players that are in the 6th grade or younger will form in December and January and will play in the Jenks Youth Baseball League or the Broken Arrow Youth Baseball League, and/or possible USSSA tournaments.

Click HERE for NOAH Baseball contact information.

2025 Spring Teams

For the 2025 spring season, NOAH Baseball will be fielding the following teams:

Varsity (Coach Sean Call)

Junior Varsity (Coach Christopher Chseh)

Junior High Black (Coach Kyle Shores)

Junior High Blue (Coach George Darkow)

12AA Competitive (Coach Brandon Jameson)

11AA Competitive (Coach Bryan Jarrett)

9U Recreational (Coach TBA)

8U Recreational (Coach TBA)


All players must meet the NOAH eligibility guidelines set forth by the NOAH Board of Directors. See NOAH Handbook.


High school and junior high scrimmages and games begin in mid February through the first week of May. NOAH baseball schedules games against some of the top Oklahoma public and private high schools. NOAH Baseball will send a varsity team to the HWSA Homeschool World Series in Florida at the end of each spring season. The high school and junior high teams will play in a summer league during the month of June. Elementary recreational and competitive teams will start practices in mid to late February and games will be begin in March through the first couple weeks of June.  All games schedules are available on Stack TeamApp, once released.


While our coaches are knowledgable and experienced, NOAH is a voluntary organization. All coaches have full-time jobs and are taking personal time from their jobs and family to support and develop the program.


For the high school and junior high, player fees will cover most of the operating costs such as team equipment, field maintenance, park improvements, park utilities, indoor facilities rental, school tournament fees, insurance, etc. Each player must participate in a mandatory fundraiser in the fall to offset the remaining operating budget. Uniforms are a separate cost that each will be responsible for providing. Any travel related costs to out of town tournaments are the responsibility of the player.

For elementary teams that play in a league, each player will be responsible for the league fee (approximately $180-$200). In addition, players will need purchase their uniform separately. Competitive players may also be responsible for tournament fees during the season.

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