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NOAH Baseball East Team

Attention Junior High Homeschool Baseball Families:

NOAH is trying to start a new boys Junior High team for families of Christian faith in Wagoner, Cherokee, Muskogee, and Adair counties. The home field would be Okay High School in Okay, Oklahoma which is centrally located for many of the communities in the 4 counties.

The season would run from mid February through May 2023 for Junior High boys up to age 14 (boys may participate as long as they don’t turn 15 before May 1, 2023). Tryouts will be held during a 3-day camp in February at Okay High School for a spot on the team (up to 16 players). The team will be playing local area Junior High / Middle Schools in the area. Players that meet the NOAH homeschool requirements are eligible to play. Each player must have a copy of his physical before competing. 

The NOAH Baseball Program carries a strong tradition of excellence on the field and the development of high character young men. Our program will particularly be centered on Jesus Christ and glorifying him through our service to him and edifying each other.

Through this new endeavor, we are seeking coaches who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and enjoy teaching the game correctly to the boys. A background check and child abuse awareness training will be mandatory for all coaches. NOAH is also looking for parents who are experienced in scorekeeping and fundraising to further this effort.

URGENT: By mid August 2023, NOAH Baseball needs a list of athletes who would wish to participate, so we can determine if there will be enough participation to put forth the effort to make this happen. You may contact Coach Terry Guerrero at 707-489-3352 via text or email him at  

We look forward to hearing from you soon to make this happen.

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